Sunday, January 18, 2009

Limmud NY - I learned a lot...

It's cold up in Ellensville, NY - home of Limmud NY. The heat went out. The conference was almost cancelled...

But the warmth of amazing Jews wanting to be together, to celebrate diversity and to educate themselves and others in the Tradition made for a very special environment.

This was a big gig for me.
1. It was my first Limmud and I'm hooked.
2. I performed a rock show with my band on the heels of a performance by one of my favorite musicians and people in the world, Josh Nelson.
3. I explored a couple of new workshops - one of which was a songwriting workshop for girls.

Here's what I learned at Limmud:
- attitude is everything
- the small voice is often the most powerful
- just when you think you can't play cause your fingers are frozen, you connect with someone in the audience and it warms your whole body so you can play on.
- people want to see more chicks playing instruments on stage.

Thanks, Limmud community, for enabling me to learn!



Aviva said...

First of all, your concert at Limmud ROCKED!
Second, thans for expressing that! I feel so warm and tingly and totally feel the same way.

sissy.limmud said...

What a great heartfelt piece! As if Limmud NY was not already having a huge crush on Naomi Less. Great to welcome you to the world of Limmud!

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