Sunday, March 7, 2010

feedback on the cd

I was performing at a Reform Synagogue this past weekend and gave my cd to a pre-teen girl. I asked her for some feedback on the music, as my intention is to write for girls around her age. I asked her to be my personal focus group....

Here's what she said:

"I loved track 2 (Meshuga'at) it was phenomenal but track1 (Responsibility) was good. My dad loved it he was dancing to it.

track 4 (One Simple Thing/Hashkiveinu) and the middle of 5 (The Real Me) was slow but the rest of the track 5 (The Real Me) was back on then rock'n roll sound.

I will ask my dad to play track 2 at my sister's bat mitzvah"

In Summary, according to "H" in New York,

1. Dads and Daughters can share this music

2. Dads can dance

3. Meshuga'at is phenomenal and apparently a great Bat Mitzvah dancing song!

Thanks, H, for the feedback!

If YOU have feedback, please feel free to comment here!