Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jewish Chicks Rock the ROI Summit

I am inspired.
I am inspired by others' passions.
I am inspired that these passions are for the good of the world AND the good of the Jewish global community.
I am inspired because I am seeing the future.
I am inspired because much of the future I'm seeing comes from visions of Jewish women I'm meeting.
I am inspired because I actually see the future of the Jewish woman in front of my eyes at the ROI Summit here in Tel Aviv.

Bringing together Jewish leaders from all over the world in all different kinds of fields (which over 55% represented are WOMEN) can build an enormous amount of creativity and excitement. But more than that, it can build bridges between people who are doing similar work in various places in the world.

For instance, there's a fantastic Jewish woman who's doing a Girls Rock Camp in Washington DC...we met up and are plotting and planning with national eyes!!!

There are women who are filmmakers, storytellers, culture event creators, band managers, creating visions for the future of Israel, helping to feed the poor in many ways, from every country imaginable.

I am truly inspired by the sheer volume of INCREDIBLE Female Jewish Role Models!