Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bullying and about relevance

What can we learn about bullying targets and who's on the sidelines from ancient Judaism? More than you think...

This week's Genesis: step up against mob bullying.

R. Jonathan Sadoff (adath mnpls) invited me to help him blow this story open, exploring the Joseph story from quite a different perspective.

If you'd like to see our short interview and the song I shared live...

Please click HERE
to watch this short video.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jewish Chicks Rock Store!! Get your merch here...

You asked, here it is.
Wear it loud and proud.
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Get your "The Real Me" and "Jewish Chicks Rock" wear here!

Yes, I know Hanukkah is about light and so many miracles...
But yes, we've developed this gift-giving tradition.
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And if you want to have the live-in-person rock out session, booking info is here!

World Toilet Day - not joking!!

I must must share this with you. Some incredible activists, led by the Master of Ceremonies of Poop himself, Shawn Shafner (some of whom you know from Storahtelling) is putting on an incredible initiative launch which I will be attending. I encourage you to read below and make the Taboo Toilet Talk normalized...This event is for those over the age of 21, but for the teens who read this blog, you can get involved, too! Contact Shawn...

Celebrate sanitation at World Toilet Day on Friday, November 19th in New York City! The POOP Project invites you to join us in one of the many World Toilet Day events happening around the world, featuring an interactive evening honoring the miracle of modern sanitation while remembering that 40% of the world still lives without it.

Come Home Sweet Home to drink dirty martinis, give a “commode confessional”, and check out authentic “flying toilets.” Shawn “The Poop Guru” Shafner and Josh Sitron will be your hosts for the evening, with sounds, stories, and unmentionables provided by Moth storyteller and comedian Sara Barron along with word mavens Amy Carrigan, Adam Laupus and Lisa Lewis, musicians Avi Fox-Rosen, Megan Gerlach, Ben Lerman, Brian Carter PLUS buxom burlesque beauty Minnie Tonka and much more!

WHERE: Home Sweet Home, 131 Chrystie Street, New York, NY
DATE/TIME: Friday, Nov. 19, 2010. 7:30 pm Doors, 8:30 pm Performances, 9:45 pm Big Squat, 10:00 pm Closing
TICKETS: $15.00 tickets online, $18.00 at the door. Limited supply $3 drink tickets good for draft beer and well drinks.



All proceeds benefit The People’s Own Organic Power Project (The POOP Project) in their mission to creative poop-positive spaces that spur creative thinking towards sustainable sanitation solutions for all.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a new bullying session

Wow, a whirlwind weekend in Cleveland.
Highlights include a session with parents and educators on Addressing Evaded Issues in Jewish Education, an amazingly rocking Kabbalat Shabbat program with the whole Agnon School,

Sat night concert with Sacred Rights Sacred Songs and its creator Fran Immerman

and of course, the benefit concert on Sunday afternoon at Temple Emanuel for the Agnon School.

But what I was arguably most excited about was the session I had with THREE middle schools - two Jewish schools and one secular school, who came together to talk about a pretty serious issue. Built off of the wisdom of Dan Olewus's Bullying Circle and with the design help from my friend and colleague, Mara Yacobi, the group explored roles in a bullying situations and what their resources were.
This is a new session for me - and I was a bit nervous about how it would go - but the teachers were champs, serving as volunteer targets and bullies, and the kids asked real questions - and gave real answers and challenges - even with a group as large as 150 kids!
Thank you for the blessing of learning and exploring together.
I hope that we ARE able to obliterate the "Potential Witness Role" and all move into the HERO/WITNESS role to help reduce the power of the bully!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cleveland Jewish News News Local

Cleveland Jewish News News Local
An article about my upcoming visit to Cleveland...
But it also takes you on a trip through my mind and the reasons why I do the things I do.
Get ready for a bumpy ride!