Tuesday, November 9, 2010

a new bullying session

Wow, a whirlwind weekend in Cleveland.
Highlights include a session with parents and educators on Addressing Evaded Issues in Jewish Education, an amazingly rocking Kabbalat Shabbat program with the whole Agnon School,

Sat night concert with Sacred Rights Sacred Songs and its creator Fran Immerman

and of course, the benefit concert on Sunday afternoon at Temple Emanuel for the Agnon School.

But what I was arguably most excited about was the session I had with THREE middle schools - two Jewish schools and one secular school, who came together to talk about a pretty serious issue. Built off of the wisdom of Dan Olewus's Bullying Circle and with the design help from my friend and colleague, Mara Yacobi, the group explored roles in a bullying situations and what their resources were.
This is a new session for me - and I was a bit nervous about how it would go - but the teachers were champs, serving as volunteer targets and bullies, and the kids asked real questions - and gave real answers and challenges - even with a group as large as 150 kids!
Thank you for the blessing of learning and exploring together.
I hope that we ARE able to obliterate the "Potential Witness Role" and all move into the HERO/WITNESS role to help reduce the power of the bully!

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