Sunday, August 9, 2009

Camp Poyntelle and Lewis Village

I have been traveling and training so much that I haven't had time to reflect and say THANK YOU to the amazing community at Camp Poyntelle and Lewis Village. Earlier in July, I had the opportunity to hang out with some amazing kids and teens who opened their hearts and creative minds to create music with message - to think about creation, about relationships and put out to the world what they'd like to see - in songs!

While I can't (yet) share some video or pictures from that as we need to get permission from parents first, I can share with you some a couple of things:

This first video clip is an activity I did with the pre-teen girls about bullying - and standing against it. We used a song I wrote called Responsibility (check the song out here) and then you'll see what we did.

The next clip is of the campers' voices singing with me in a concert Glenn Grossman and I did for them at the end of our time there.

We had such a blast writing, recording and rocking with them. I learned so much from each and every camper and staff!

Check out what they wrote about in our songwriting session:

And here's to their outgoing director, Debby Shriber - we wish you a fabulous end of the summer and an awesome and easy transition into your new camp - URJ Crane Lake Camp!

Debby - you rocked it at Camp Poyntelle and Lewis Village and you're going to ROCK IT at Crane Lake! B'hatzlacha! Good luck!

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