Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jewish Chick Rock Fall update

Isn't Fall flying by? SO much has happened.

1. I got married - to my amazing co-writer/producer and drummer, Glenn Grossman.
It was a 70s disco wedding!

Other Jewish rockers helped out with the honors, including

2. It seems that every time I turn a corner, there's another Jewish band with WOMEN in it - which is AMAZING! Tons of Jewish girl bands popping up in NY.
Check out the Shondes and Girls in Trouble. And as always, my faves, Chana Rothman and Sarah Aroeste.

Are there any in YOUR community? We're starting a movement, women! Get out there and express yourself!

3. And speaking of: I am in need of another female guitarist - so if you know any rockin' women who can shred on guitar, please put them in touch with me!

4. CALLING Pre-Teen and Teen Jewish girls in the five boroughs of NYC who want to rock out and learn how to play in a band and write music. We're going to start a Jewish Chick Rock Club this year - so put me in touch with your parents. (

5. Jewish Chicks Rock SOCIAL MEDIA
We're learning all these social media tools, which I'm really psyched about.
We have a twitter name (jchicksrock) so follow us.
Also, feel free to re-tweet this - there's a button on the right hand side!

And as always, if you'd like us to come to YOUR neighborhood, please do get in touch.
Check out the tour schedule below.

Peace, love and chick-rock!

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