Tuesday, February 2, 2010

rockin' chick partners and other items...

I want to talk about collaboration - I am a firm believer in "more = more". Sometimes it's hard in the music world when there are so many musicians competing for precious time from listeners to be heard. And that can foster a competitive spirit of quite the unhealthy sort.
In a few short days there will be an article coming out penned by Sarah Aroeste, Chana Rothman and me talking about collaboration between women rockers and what IS achievable. A big idea for all Jewish chick rockers!
So stay tuned....

In the meantime, a few updates:
- JCR is currently booking shows this summer at camps and programs - for more info click here.
- A new blog posting about Chana, Sarah and me - click here.
- Heading out to LA for Fri Night Live with Craig Taubman and a big Naomi Less show at Limmud LA.

Peace and love in rock,

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