Wednesday, May 19, 2010

an opp to help me play LILITH FAIR in NY - um..really???

Ok, so you know these competitions that make you sign in and give your email to "rank" and "vote" for people so that talent isn't really judged but the number of friends you have is?

well, I got sucked in - that's right - because I want to play LILITH FAIR, that's right LILITH FAIR, with my idols of female music. Lilith Fair is back again and wo-man-o-schevitz would I just about plotz to be up on stage with the current line up of talent.

Here's how YOU can make my dreams come true - maybe...
There are 5 days of voting left. I'm not even in the top 100 - but i'm close - i think I'm 110. That's not that far!!

Would you be willing to spend about 7 minutes (maybe less, maybe more) to help me on a wing and a prayer have this opportunity?

Here's how, if you're willing:
Cut and paste these directions below and send them to everyone you know who wants to see a Jewish Chick Rocker playing Lilith Fair.

Then follow these "step by step" instructions:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click "Join Now as a Fan"

Step 3. Click Naomi Less' profile

Step 4. click FANS tab

Step 5.Click the green button that says, "THIS IS MY FAVORITE ARTIST" (my song, "The Real Me" will appear within the first 20 rounds that you judge.

Step 6. Click JUDGE - look for LILITH FAIR CHANNELS on the right side in RED


Step 8. Begin to judge - you get 4 songs at a time. The Real Me (my song) should appear in the first 20 judging rounds.

There is some great talent so I think you'll really enjoy getting to know the local NY female music scene.

Also, it usually takes about 6 -8 rounds or so before mine pops up. So stay the course, and stay patient!

Thank you SO much.

There are 5 days left to vote - that's five days you have the opportunity to be extremely cool and helpful.




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