Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Camp Louise - you scream like it's a Beatles Concert!

Ok, so, this is my second ever visit to an All-Girls overnight Camp - this time, it was Camp Louise in Maryland!

As usual, we worked with campers on songwriting, on recording their words and melodies - but there was something different this time. They had such great counselors and staff working with them, encouraging them to be themselves - it's amazing what kind of environment you can create in an all-girls camp!

Here are some highlights!

Songwriting with the youngest girls about the Golden Rule!

An AMAZINGLY high-energy concert at night! Can you hear them screaming??

And some words from the girls - hey, Glenn, I think you made a fan!!

Camp Louise - our eardrums and our hearts burst at this gig!
Thanks for the love!!
And thanks to your amazing team there - special shout out to Shira and Robyn!

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Mad Dad said...

Hey! That's my niece Morgan in the white sweatshirt in the last group of the first video! Nice job, Naomi! Can't wait to talk to her about it...

Evan Serpick