Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a big week for taking a stand on justice issues

I am truly inspired...and I am energized to do more.

It's been quite a week.

Let's review:
1. Jake Goodman and his partners at Queer Rising stopped traffic in midtown yesterday to bring attention to the fact that my glbt friends do not have the same protections under the laws as I do because I am allowed to get married based on my sexual preference. For a re-cap, click here! (The direct action starts at about 3:00)

2. I published my first essay online on Gender in the Spotlight - READ HERE - in about women's underrepresentation in Jewish communal endeavors and initiatives. I have been fielding many comments, suggestions, defensive responses and attacks as well as accolades and actions already taken to work on the issue. Please do read, comment and act!

3. Christine Quinn, City Council leader, spoke out on how the council approved an IMPORTANT bill on disclosing information about the services pregnancy centers in nyc provide. It's a truth-in-advertising issue that can impact our sisters, daughters and friends. The bill would have the centers post whether they perform abortions, offer birth control and are MEDICALLY LICENSED!! They did a study of these centers and found that they were giving mis-information and counseling women incorrectly! THANK YOU CHRISTINE and all of you working on this area of justice! CLICK HERE

and that's just in my little circle.

What has happened in YOUR world this week - who inspired you in taking action on issues of justice, fairness and equality?

Share share share and let's inspire each other to do more.

I will have more to share about taking a stand in a future post, but i just wanted to take a breath and acknowledge the richness of this moment.
Lo Alecha hamlacha ligmore - it's not on you to finish the work
Vlo ata ben chorin lhibatel mimenah - and you aren't free to not do anything (desist from it)
Vlo achshav, hey matai - AND IF NOT NOW...WHEN???

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