Sunday, November 16, 2008

JCR and Avoda Arts on the Move 11.12.08

This has been a busy week for the project!

On Tuesday, Nov. 12th Avoda Arts on the Move invited the band
to perform for amazing students at Baruch College - it's a special program to bring more Jewish cultural arts to the NYC based campuses! Baruch student Elina Bank (head of the Jewish Women's Association and on the Hillel Board) worked hand in hand with Arts on the Move program staff and arts advocate Jackie Miller to create an incredible event.

Hillel Director Matt Vogel rocked out with Jackie Miller...(above right)

Event organizer Elina Bank with the band as well as the Hillel Student President Manashe!

This was the debut of bassist Jillian Laboi and guitarist Lisa Bianco!

(Also featured is musical director Glenn Grossman and me.)

Notice the great Israeli flag they put up - little did they know I'd be doing an acapella version of Shir L'Shalom (Song of Peace)!

What an amazing group of students and incredible set of organizers!


Elina said...

WOOT! great event guys!!

Hillel said...