Sunday, November 16, 2008

JCR invades GoGirls NYC Music Fest 11.14.08

I love playing Jewish music for Jews - I love to see people connect to their heritage, culture, tradition and spirituality in a different way than perhaps they're used to.

I also LOVE playing Jewish music for secular, not exclusively Jewish audiences. I love to be reminded that Judaism is a unique and special take on the world - and quite exotic - as I've been told - in that it's so ancient yet consistently being renewed and reinterpreted.

This is the experience I had on Friday night.
The band played as part of a women's music festival at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn. It was so awesome singing "Hashkiveinu" and seeing the whole audience vibing to the incredible beats that Glenn put out there on the drums. It was awesome hearing everyone say "Meshuga'at" knowing that they're speaking a language that's ancient and new all in the same breath!

I was terribly proud of Judaism at that moment!

Here's a little pic from the event.

Rock on everyone!

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