Saturday, April 11, 2009

LA Gig - Room 5 Lounge benefitting Beit T'shuvah

What an AMAZING a cozy lounge on La Brea in LA - people gathered young and old - male and female and folks in between to celebrate women in music!!!

I looked out in the crowd, who'd come to see three different groups of women, styles, shapes, voices, etc, the room celebrating, supporting and singing along with laughter, moments of intimacy and spirit!

Janeen Rae Heller kicked it off with her saw (literally) and her beautiful melodies, followed by Laura Bagish and then Rebekah Mirsky - letting her "cantorial" hair down and seeing her other side! The two paired up for a moving duet of a nightime Shma that made me cry!

And I ended the evening with a set, reuniting with my dear friend who moved from NYC to LA this year, Elana Artchizel (pictured below) who both gave us a sweet beat and mc'd the event!

An added highlight is that my uncle (who was in from chicago) surprised me coming out to see the show with my cousin greg...amazing!

Props to JT Productions for booking the night, and to my amazing designer (for the flier) as well as to our partners at Birthright Next and of course the beneficiary of the proceeds, Beit T'shuvah

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