Sunday, July 12, 2009

JCC University (camp) Rocks with JCR!

This past week was VERY full in JCR-land.

All week I've been volunteering for an amazing program called Willie Mae Girls Rock Camp. It's a week-long camp for girls from 7 to 17 or maybe a little older. I served as a band coach and vocal instructor and worked with AMAZING volunteers and incredibly brave girls. The philosophy is that everyone rocks and that anyone can learn to be in a band. check it out:

In the MIDDLE of the week - July 8th - my partner and honorary Jewish rock chick, Glenn Grossman worked with the talented staff at the JCC in Manhattan to produce a day of ROCK for the JCC Uninversity (camp) program.

Videos to come! Stay tuned!
(And to protect the identities of the kids, all faces have smiley faces on them! But trust me, they were smiling - we all were.)

The kids got a chance to:

- Write a song

Record their song

- learn to play the drums
AND perform live

Staff joined in the fun!

If you want to book Jewish Chick Rock programming in your community, be sure to contact me -

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