Friday, July 3, 2009

the old becomes new and the new becomes sacred

Well...for the last week I've been working with about 120 innovative, caring, socially conscious, passionate Jewish change-makers who are commmitted to making a difference in the world. Beyond being inspired, I laughed, cried (from laughter), made connections, helped others make connections and built a ton of new friendships.

One of the beautiful things about this is that these change-makers are not throwing away history's contributions - they know on whose shoulders they stand and are jumping off those shoulders to reach a higher ground. The saying "the old is renewed, and the new becomes sacred" really sums it up.

And here's a cute example - Tel Aviv, a bassist committed to helping the environment (Anthony Rogers Wright), a guitarist from the UK committed to enabling people to volunteer to fix the world (Dan Berelowitz) and me, a feminist committed to helping young girls and women actualize their full selves - singing an oldie but a goodie with full-community-participation.
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