Friday, July 16, 2010

Capital Camps - rocked da house

Woosh - back from Israel and already had a fantastic residency at Capital Camps. I think Glenn and I worked with almost every age group.

Not only was the staff fantastic - shout out to all the unit heads and counselors who jumped right in with their kids in our sessions - but the creativity all the way from the Benjamin 3-4th grade girls on up to the LITs and CITs was amazing!

Campers created music with a message - everything from needing to "unplug" for the summer, to not standing "idly by" when someone is hurting or in need. And the 6th and 7th Grade boys have made commitments to fight "stereotyping" in their bunks and beyond!

Here are a couple of examples of the amazing work these campers (and staff) did!

Benjamin 3-4th Grade girls are MESHUGA'AT!

LIT/CIT's work on recording their Chorus... and their reaction!

Here are the Reich 6-7th grade Girls working on a dedication to someone who's made an impact in their lives, as part of "The Real Me" acoustic concert/workshop.

SPECIAL TODAH RABBAH to Julie Finkelstein, Jon Shappy Shapiro, Hunter Gold, Karen Bernstein, Elana Kagan and David Phillips for being incredible hosts and to the numerous other staff members who helped us - too many to name - TODAH RABBAH!

Oh, and of course to Jared - for helping us shlep all of the equipment back and forth up and down the mountain! You Rock!

NEXT STOP: Crane Lake Camp and Eisner Camp!
Shabbat Shalom....

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