Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kingswood - 9th of Av - magnificent campers

I must say, Kingswood is probably our shortest stay of all the camps we're visiting this summer, but I can't tell you HOW MOVED I was by the words and spirit of the campers we worked with today.

It was the 9th of Av - and in my talk with a group of older campers about "senseless hatred" they created a song with magnificently powerful lyrics about discrimination, and "paving your own road" - not blindly following the leader.

Here are some examples:
Verse 1:
"I'm here on the floor in an empty room
There's nowhere to look and nothing to do
Discrimination hurts; discrimination stings"

Verse 2:
"Stay away from people
who lead you astray
Stop acting like a puppet
and throw the strings away"

And in addition to working with these talented, deep, amazing campers, Glenn ran a jam session (i got to play keys, a novelty for me!), I taught storytelling to an amazing group of new storytellers and last but not least...

I shared some music w/8, 9 and 10th grade girls during an intimate rest hour acoustic concert.

Thanks so much, Kingswood, for such a special day!

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